Sprinter - age 16

A girl who fell from the sky.

Possessed of good intentions and a tendency to act before thinking. This, combined with her relentless cheerfulness, makes her a headache for many. Could have worn a different set of clothes, but really loves her current outfit.

Mel - age 28

A tavern proprietress whose business has seen better days.

She tends toward surliness, but mostly just wants to make sure folks have a warm bed at night. Makes up a new story every time you ask how she came to own a bar.

Chase - age 18

An engineer who tries his best.

He’s got a keen mind, but needs to learn to stand up for himself. Invented his goggles himself; they let him see four times better than normal.

Vane - age 25

A soldier committed to duty.

An expert in combat and military tactics, she fulfills her responsibilities even when in disagreement with her superiors. Secretly keeps the local stray cat population fed wherever she’s stationed.