About Sprinter

Sprinter was supposed to save the world; she saved herself instead. Raised beneath the weight of an overwhelming responsibility, an impulsive flight whisks her from an ordered life into one of adventure. But it’s not long before she’s forced to acknowledge the consequences of her decision.

Sprinter updates on Saturdays!

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About the Creators


Hi! I live and work in Los Angeles and this webcomic is my hobby outside of work. I’m learning everything as I go and more than anything I’m excited to have a project that makes me draw consistently! I’m not very good at storytelling so I blackmailed Isto to create the story for Sprinter.

I love webcomics, video games, magical girls, cats, and music. I might disappear to binge on a game and I’m 99% sure I am The Slowest Artist on Earth.

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I write in my spare time, and though I’ve never personally been asked to save the world, I have read many stories about people who do that. Marowe shared some Sprinter art with me one time, against her better judgement. Later I wrote some fanfiction about the characters and we decided to create this webcomic together.

I live and work in Los Angeles, way too close to great ramen and boba places, and spend most of my time thinking about stories.

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‘Sprinter’ logo designed by Paul!